Library Services:

Lending System

1)Library Card:

The Student ID card is the library card for the student (student ID number), while the faculty members and administrative staff use the (ID number) to borrow from the Library.

2)Borrowing and Loan Policy:

  1. Lending service of all information resources is available at the library except for the items mentioned in item (4).
  2. The deanships, departments and libraries can borrow up to 20 books for 60 days without renewal period (according to the table below).
  3. The renewal of borrowed books is possible if the item is not requested by another beneficiary (as shown below).
  4. Lending service is not provided to a beneficiary who has late books.
  5. In case of late return of borrowed books, the borrower is not allowed to borrow for a double period of the delay.
  6. In case of loss / destruction of any item of the Library, the borrower must provide an alternative and identical book to the lost / damaged book.
  7. If the lost item is a folder, the borrower must provide a corresponding replacement book or pay the costs of the bookbinding.
  8. If the lost book cannot be replaced by similar one, the borrower will need to provide two alternative books for the missing book to be determined by the administration of the Library.
  9. The loan service is not provided in case of the student's does not return the book.
  10. Books placed on the reservation shelf are not subject to lending.
  11. The Library shall have the right to retrieve borrowed books before the end of the term of borrowing if necessary.
  12. The person authorized to grant a Certificate of Discharge is the Assistant Director of the Library Department / Central Librarian and the Library Secretary.

3)Lending Procedures for External Beneficiaries:

Lending service is provided to external beneficiaries within the University's policy of cooperation and partnerships.

4)Items that cannot be taken out of the Library:

  1. References, dictionaries and encyclopedias.
  2. Periodicals.
  3. Scientific papers.
  4. Special collections, rare documents.
  5. Non-traditional information resources.
  6. What is recommended by the librarian based on what is required by the work interest.

5)Discharge of Liabilities:

The discharge of liabilities certificate is granted in the following cases:

  1. Change of the student's university number.
  2. Graduation.
  3. Termination of the contract of the faculty member / employee.
  4. Termination of services.
  5. Resignation.

Explanatory table:

# Beneficiary No. of allowed books Loan Period Loan Renewal Period
1 BA student 3 7 7
2 Graduate studies student 4 14 7
3 QOU staff 5 14 7
4 Deanships, departments and university libraries 20 60 -
5 External beneficiary 3 14 7