Loan Services:

Loan services are offered to:

  1. University employees (faculty members and administrative employees)
  2. Students
  3. External borrowers.

Branch Libraries:

These are located in any of the university branches or study centers and are staffed by a qualified librarian who answers directly to the assistant director/librarian of the central library or to the director of the branch or study center. These libraries offer services to students and faculty staff in the same way as the central library.

# Borrowers Number of books permitted Period of loan Renewal period
1. University employees (faculty members and administrative employees) 3 books 14 days 7 days
2. University employees (part-time instructors) 2 books 14 days 7 days
3. Students 2 books 7 days 7 days
4. Employees of other universities (as part of cooperation agreements) 3 books 14 days 7 days

Procedures for borrowing by students and university employees:

  1. Books available in the library may be borrowed with the exception of periodicals, graduation projects, reference books, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias and similar references, university curricula and university theses.
  2. The loan period may be renewed for books as detailed above provided the books have not been requested by another borrower.
  3. The loan period runs from the beginning of each semester until the end of the final exams of that semester on condition that the student is registered officially in the same semester.
  4. No book may be loaned or loan period renewed until the borrower has returned all overdue or lost books.

Loan procedures for external borrowing:

  • All employees of institutions that have signed cooperation agreements with Al-Quds Open University may benefit from the services of the library, including borrowing services as detailed above.

Clearance policy procedures:

  1. A certificate of clearance must be obtained from the library administration in cases where a student graduates, withdraws his student registration or transfers to another college, or changes his student ID number.
  2. If a university employee intends to travel abroad or receive his end of service payment and bonus, he must obtain a certificate of clearance from the library administration.

Loan instructions:

  1. The borrower is not given a specific library card since the student ID number is used as the subscription number. The student is automatically subscribed in the library if he is a regular student in the academic semester. The ID card numbers of full-time and part-time faculty staff and administrative employees are used as subscription numbers for the library.
  2. If the borrower fails to return the book on time, punitive measures shall be taken against him/her.
  3. If the borrower loses a library book, they must provide an alternative book with the same title and content; they must also pay the cost of the book cover if the book is a volume.
  4. If the borrower fails to bring an alternative book, they must provide two alternative books in the same field as the lost book.
  5. If clauses 2 and 3 above are not complied with, the borrower must pay double the cost of the market value of the book.

General instructions:

  1. Care must be taken to preserve books and library equipment and not damage any device or tear the pages of any book as these are public property.
  2. Books are to be left on the tables after use; it is the duty of the library employees to return them to the shelves.
  3. All personal items and bags are to be kept in a special designated place.
  4. The library must be kept clean and complete calm must be maintained as appropriate to a library.
  5. Smoking, eating, drinking and the use of mobiles are prohibited inside the library.
  6. All are requested to cooperate fully with library staff and abide by their instructions as they are there to serve library borrowers.
  7. Library borrowers must present the books they intend to borrow to the employee upon leaving the library.