The library:

The library department is the central body that supervises the administrative and technical work of the library and its branches. The department provides informational resources in various forms to meet the needs of academic staff, researchers and other groups in line with the philosophy of open education. It answers to the Academic Affairs Administration.


A distinguished library that fits the philosophy of open and distance learning, meets the needs of scientific research and serves staff, students and other groups of society through best techniques.


To provide informational resources in various forms and update them on a regular basis. To facilitate access to sources of information using modern techniques from any location on and off campus and to the highest standards.


  • Resources are a source of human knowledge
  • To abide by the regulations, laws and bylaws of the library
  • To work with team spirit
  • To ensure transparency
  • To promote and encourage creativity and innovation
  • To work with devotion and dedication in the service of science and scholars
  • To reward distinguished performance
  • To conduct regular updating and modernization


  • To administer the library according to international standards
  • To provide sources of information
  • To develop appropriate locations for the central library and branch libraries

Organizational structure of the libraries department: